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How to use NextStage Furniture

By Kerry Derwent-Robb

Until you see it in action, it's hard to fathom how easy it is to use NextStage Furniture, but to give you a sense, here's how I use this remarkable cardboard furniture on my staging jobs.

(One of the first houses we staged with NextStage Furniture had been empty and on the market for four months when we were called in. We staged the house with NextStage cardboard furniture and within 10 days, an offer came in, and the house sold.)

When you receive your NextStage furniture, the first thing you'll do is take it out and review the assembly instructions. Within a very short period of time, you'll have put together your first piece, and after a couple of tries, it becomes second nature. Everything's coded, and it goes together 1-2-3.

You'll receive enough tote bags to store and carry your furniture, so decide how you want to break it up, and label the bags. For example, I'd rather make a few more trips back and forth to the car with lighter bag, so I divide a Queen bed into three or four tote bags – five for a King.

After drawing up your staging design, load the furniture you need, as well as your accessories and fabric into your car. For most empty home staging jobs, we stage the living room, the dining room and at least one bedroom, so I load in a queen bed, two bedside tables, a dining table with four chairs, a sofa, loveseat and two oversized chairs, an ottoman and two side tables. Believe it or not, all that fits in my Jeep – though it is full. My partner, Holly's in charge of bringing the accessories.

At the house, we carry in the furniture and accessories. Unlike trying to move a real-life sofa or table down the hall or wrestling a mattress through the front door by calling on helpers, we two wee women can do it all by ourselves. We can even carry beds upstairs. No scratched walls or nicked furniture.

In fact, in the time it would normally take two people to carry a couch from the truck and into the home, one person can have it set up and accessorized in position.

We now set up the furniture according to our floor plan. To give you an idea of how fast it goes, let's look at an oversize chair. You create four square base pieces, each with its own criss-crossed structural support in it. Add the backrest section, and assemble the two arms. Then tweak it to make sure it's all square. Add the cover, and you're done. Not that you'd be tired, but you can flop down it now, if you like. It's structurally strong, and able to support anyone sitting on it, just like real furniture.

Then it's time to accessorize using your NextStage fabric and your additional accessories.

The fabric coverings included with each piece of furniture have been specifically chosen to stay fairly wrinkle-free during storage, but we do bring along an iron and an ironing board to smooth out any wrinkles we do have.

And since the furniture is neutrally styled, it blends into any home's décor. You can completely change the look, just by changing the accessories.

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How to use NextStage home staging cardboard furniture to save time, money, and energy

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