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Cardboard furniture. Are you kidding?
How to hide the fact that you've moved furniture
How to stage an empty house
How to use NextStage Furniture
Staging an empty house
The pros and cons of furniture rental

Cardboard furniture. Are you kidding?
When you were a kid, you probably found a million uses for cardboard. You might have even made furniture out of it... more

How to hide the fact that you've moved furniture
If you're moving furniture around to better stage a room, and the room has a carpet, you end up with those annoying indentations where the old furniture sat... more

How to stage an empty house
Some home stagers stage only furnished homes, because staging an empty home requires furniture, accessories and a lot of physical effort... more

How to use NextStage Furniture
Until you see it in action, it's hard to fathom how easy it is to use NextStage Furniture, but to give you a sense, here's how I use this remarkable cardboard furniture on my staging jobs... more

Staging an empty house
This means that the property is going up for sale and does not have anyone living in them. The current owners might have already moved or the sale may be the result of a death in the family... more

The pros and cons of furniture rental
If you only stage furnished homes, it's a no-brainer. You don't need furniture Ė just a few accents and accessories you can use (or rent to sellers) as part of your staging... more







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How to use NextStage home staging cardboard furniture to save time, money, and energy

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Who's the boss? Your relationship with real estate agents and homeowners when staging a home for sale
One way to determine who the boss is would be to ask who's paying you? The real estate agent might pay for all or part of the real estate staging services and then present this service as free to the homeowners...

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Kudos from Barb Schwarz
NextStage Furniture is the Greatest Idea; Easy to Use, a Low Cost Investment, and the Answer for us all in the Home Staging Industry, for these reasons and more..." more

Cardboard furniture for real estate home stagers