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Donít let fear get in the way of marketing your home staging business

By Staging Diva

Itís amazing how it happens. When you were starting your home staging business you worried that youíd never get any clients. And now that youíve built a great reputation and your business is growing rapidly you want to stop marketing because you donít think you can take on any more clients.

Sound familiar? If so, you need to get that thought right out of your head.

You can never stop marketing your business, not even when youíre so busy you canít see out from under all of your projects. Why? Because if you stop marketing, your successful home staging business will dry up and youíll be stuck wondering why you donít have any clients anymore.

As long as youíre marketing and you have people interested in working with you, you have possibilities. When you stop marketing and the phone stops ringing and everyone forgets about your services, you donít have a business anymore.

Never worry about being too busy. If that day has come, or is quickly approaching, youíll figure out a way to deal with it. Youíll either raise your rates, or youíll have a waiting list. Maybe you get an assistant to help you out on a part-time basis.

There are lots of ways you can deal with the ďproblemĒ of having too many clients, but if you go from having lots of buzz about you being this great home stager and then you suddenly stop marketing, everyone will quickly forget about you. Then youíll have no more clients and that is a much worse problem than being too busy.

When I started Six Elements Inc., my home staging business, I assumed that if someone wanted me to stage their house, I had to schedule that appointment within the next week. This put me in constant ďurgent mode,Ē thinking I had to drop everything in my life to run to these clientsí homes right away. This belief put tons of undue pressure on me during the busy season when I found myself trying to squeeze in 20 clients over a two week period.

But in my second year of business, I was forced to change my ways. I was really busy and I had to start telling people if they wanted to work with me, it would be a six week wait. Much to my surprise, people were fine with this. They wanted me to stage their house bad enough that they would wait until I could squeeze them in. In fact, the wait seemed to make my services even more desirable!

So if youíre afraid that youíre getting too busy and thatís making you want to stop marketing your business, stop and think about it for a minute. Is it really a problem that you have more people than you expected wanting you to stage their homes?

Many Staging Diva Graduates have the ďproblemĒ of attracting all the business than they can handle. If youíre a home stager wishing to have such a problem, visit the Staging Diva Store and look at the resources Debra Gould has created to help you promote your home staging business and make it a profitable one!

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